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A Kiddie “One Flew Over the Coo-Coo’s Next”

Monday, December 14th, 2009

I saw this article that really caught my eye, and really gave me pause on how much school can get in the way of an education. Especally if the child happened to have a disability (such as Auditory Descrimination or Autism) or—worse—if you were like me as a kid and had Aspergers and nobody even cared to notice.

I’ve talked a lot about my own experiences, where my own ‘major malfunction’ went undiagnosed until well into my thirties. I went from a kindergardener taking classes in the first grade to a sixth grade social promotion case who the principal wishes were his son, “just so he can slap my face”. And I put it in quotes because he actually said that to my face in the cafeteria. That was the extent of what I learned in those six years.

Now take that experience and add shit that even a dominatrix would shudder over. Sure, they’d consider tying people up and restraining them to racks and beds and crap would be de rigor of their work…but would they do that to someone who hasn’t even seen puberty yet?

A Public School principal would. And if they kill somebody, so be it.

Item: Since hearing, states take little action on restraint in schools

This takes the previous horror story of Survivor-like Tribal Councils for a five-year-old—Jeff Probst should sue—and pushes them to the next degree. Never mind having someone stand in the hallway to cool down, a practice I know a lot about. Now they toss kids into closets—we’re taking areas only the janitor should be in folks—for even the most minor of offences. And if they can’t get a kid to sit perfectly still they’ll make them conform to their wishes…by sitting on top of them. Sometimes when they’re face down on the floor!

Note: These might be kids who doesn’t quite got the knack of communicating to anyone, much less an adult, and it goes into the negatives when that adult is an authority figure, and may not be intentionally acting out or causing trouble in the slightest. In their young minds, the teachers are pretty much doing this just out of spite, and with the approval of any peer watching no less.

Another note: If it’s done to a terrorist, it’s a fucking war crime! If you do it to someone in the street, you’re hauled into jail and then a lawsuit gets planted on you! Do it to your own child and it’s abuse! Do you honestly say that it’s all right and perfect for a teacher or a principal to do this to any one 30 years plus younger than him and call it discipline? If you can, then please, for the sake of humanity, kill yourself. And if you work in education and think that, do your immediate supervisor and THEN do yourself. Society has no need for such fucktards.

In the above mentioned article California Rep. George Miller (A Democrat of all people) state that this shit needs to stop, or at least regulated. “Without a fedual Standard to set the bar, it’s the Wild West.”

Sorry, Rep. Miller, but you’re a bit off. We’re not talking Wild West here. We’re talking about this:

Imagine Jack Nicolson younger than 10 in this scene. And believe me, if the schools can get away with ECT and lobotomies to get a kid to be their little sheep, they will.

And in New York, they have!

It’s scenes like this that makes me believe that this inclusion trend to put ‘special’ kids in with the normal class is one of the worst ideas they’d even come up with. Most of the teachers in even the better schools are ill equipped to deal with the kids who have these problems, only to be made to believe, like myself, that he or she is just ‘bad’. And then they had to deal with stuff that only appears in classic movies on mental illness. And you’d wonder why they eventually get a gun.

For more information, with considerable less drama from me, go to and look under Abuse and Restraints in Schools. You’ll find that what I said is just the tip of the iceburg, but my comparison is just as apt.