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Tea Party Update . . .

Monday, April 20th, 2009


…and just another reason why Skyler ain’t around when you really need him.

NBC coorespondant Janeane Garofalo called everyone who attented a Tea Party last week ateabagging racist redneck.”

Nevermind the race card, I’m offended that someone would mention the sexual act of dropping your scrotum into someone’s mouth on Nationally Broadcasted Television.  That’s what Tea Bagging is, nation, look it up!

Where in God’s name was the seven second delay?  Even if you are leashed by Secular Progressive Elitists, you know better not to say crap like that to children!  Were the censors all members of Team Shorts on Head Retard?!

Like I said in the prior post:  Not even Hiro Nakamura can save that channel.

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