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Microsoft breaks out their new toy.

Friday, July 24th, 2009

As most of you know by chatting with me on 9-12 chat rooms or over IM-s or by reading this blog, I’m using the next generation of Windows, Windows 7, and unlike the Linux-head I was in the earlier parts of this decade, I am very bullish for Windows 7. Especially when they invited me to try it out in both Beta and the current Release Candidate versions. Windows 7 is very improved over Vista, and their Mac-like Power Bar is easy to customize and use. I liked 7 so much that I bought a preorder when they came out (at $50, the price was right. At least for me) and that is something I’d thought I’d never do in my life when XP was all the rage. (I still detest that operating system, considering it like Carson Kressley considers pleated pants.)



Well, their current marketing process of letting people try out their betas hoping they’d become customers is at work again, this time for their office suites. Earlier this week, I was invited to try out the Technical Preview of Microsoft Office 2010, their next Office Suite.

I can easily send you a link to the added features and tricks these programs can do. However, with one exception you won’t see me harp much about the suite. I’m more of a Word Perfect guy, and I prefer the old school drop down menus and static tool bars to MS Office’s Ribbon interface. And Word Perfect’s Reveal Codes function allows me to go down to the actual markup of the file I’m working on and chance it’s formatting on a minute level. All Word Perfect needs is a real-time word counter like what Word has—a nice toy for NaNoWriMo writers—and it’ll be, well, perfect. Nevertheless, I’d have Microsoft Office as a nice replacement for Open Office, which is what I did.


The one exception I have with Microsoft Office is one of the MS programs that I’m very bullish over: OneNote. I love OneNote because it takes the best of both forms of note keeping, offline paper and electronic note programs, and combines them into a perfect match. One Note puts your notes into a binder like format, where you can have notes clip and pasted, divide into Sections and Subgroups, add sketches, side notes, pictures and links at will, and do things you’d wish you could do with a Moleskine. It’s a lot more intuitive venue for notes then Evernote’s tape format, or any off-line loose-leaf binder. I’m already planning Blood and Metal book 02 with One Note, and will intend to work on my NaNoWriMo 09 book with Office. (What can I say? It’s why I asked to be invited into this Preview)

You’ll probably be seeing me use One Note more often than not as I show screencaps of the planning stage of Book 02, but little much else with the rest of the suite as far as novel writing is involved. Office 2010 is not a bad suite, they did good on it. I just can’t work with Word as good as I can with WP. That’s not saying that the programs won’t be good with other projects, mind you. You’ll never know what comes up between now and October 2010, when I’d no doubt have to buy the program just to keep One Note :)