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Welcome to Terran Franklin

Monday, March 30th, 2009

. . . the official blog of the coming novel series “Blood and Metal.”  [Sometimes abbreviated as ‘BAM’]  My name’s David Gonterman alias David Foxfire, the author of these books, and main blog writer.  I’ll be using this blog to not only promote, and in time even tell, the stories in these books, but also to talk about the topics and themes behind this madness I’m writing.

banframk For example, what does that title of this little slice of digital heaven mean?  “Terra” is a second name for “Earth,” which is where Eric Krockett, the title character, came from.  The people of Maatla, the Redwall-style world this story will take place on, will prefer to call his home world ‘Terra’ because ‘Earth’ sounds just too silly.  And ‘Franklin’ would be the name of the magazine Eric will make to share where he came from and what his homeland is all about.  It’s named after one of that country’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin.

It’s part of the theme I was playing with when I decided to dig up the old fanfict from ten years ago and recreate it in an all original world.  But instead of anything copyrighted from any company, I dropped on this all-furry character world the ultimate in “The Gods Must Be Crazy” style Coke Bottles:  The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

The idea was the commutation of a long brewing desire for me to see America get away from what this country has been doing for well over a decade—I’m not going to pick a side here, BAM isn’t a Left/Right/Red/Blue/Republican/Democrat story, not by a long shot—and back to the values and spirit that helped founded this country.  Not everyone would be on the same side politically, but I think everyone can agree with me when I say that, by the time the 2008 election was going on, which began at around Thanksgiving 2006—OH MY GOD!!—I was wishing I could reboot America with a Control-Alt-Delete.  I’ve destroyed several keyboards trying to do this.  In fact, when I got my new laptop over at E-Bay, I added a second USB keyboard so I won’t break ‘my precious.’

I started the first book last November during National Novel Writing Month, but I didn’t know whatever or not I wanted to move any further beyond it.  It was just something I used to see if I could write a 50,000 word book in under 30 days.  I did.  Shattered that deadline by 9 days.  But by the time some people would want to start he second draft of this story, I ran into the major inspiration to make this version of BAM my major project:  Glenn Beck getting on Fox News with his 9-12 project.

Man, Fox News, your pictures are so exploitable.

I might have been a wee too jaded by the sordid way Bush won the election—through the courts!  I consider the 2000 election a draw—to have seen it, I merely saw it like this:  A bunch of Islamic Assholes (Please note, I use that word a lot.  If that requires me to put up a PG rating, please advise) parked two perfectly good, loaded, and booked airplanes two-thirds the way up the World Trade Center, and half the people in the world cheered, the other half was wanting to execute Bush for that deed.  I wondered if there was something I missed, and Mr. Beck, that pasty faced, double chinned, ADD up to his eyeballs, would cry worse than Tammy Faye—HEY GLENN, JOESPH SMITH TOLD ME TO TELL YOU TO GET BACK ON THOSE M&MS—saw something on the day after that I kinda forgotten.  The people of America, from many points on the political spectrum and from all walks of life, came together as a country.  People were settling their differences and supporting each other.  They recognized their petty differences for what they were and realized that we’re all in this together.  It was something that was lost by all the rhetoric and vitriol that would come, and it was a lot of it.

I doubted that we could get to that place again, even after another attack.  Too many people would be too scarred by the time between 9-12-01 and today that they’d blame Obama for it.  But that didn’t stop Glenn for starting his 9-12 Project where he set up a way for the Nation to return to what really matters to them.

I grant you, his way won’t be the only way to that place.  When I signed up on a 9-12-themed forum, I put down that I believed in a personally-remixed version of his 9 Principles and 12 Beliefs.  I’ll be showing the remixed foundation here so you can see where me and Glenn differs, but I’m convinced that, although we might have differencing points of view, we’re definitely looking toward the same goal.

Dittos with the way I’ll be participating in this movement.  I’m an 40-something Aspergers-ridden ne’er do well who stays in his apartment all the time.  I was the kid in school people would think that I’d just snap and shoot up the school at any moment in my youth.  (During the 80s!)  I could very well be the kind of guy you’d be scared of, that quiet guy who keeps to himself while he’s giving his Dexter Morgan starter set the needed service.  I might not be able to lead any demonstrations and probably won’t be able to attend any protests because the busses don’t run at that time.  But I can write a good story.  At least some people would say that.  And if I can write a story where an All-American young man ends up in another planet and starts his country over, and hopefully makes that country even better than its original, and if that story inspires others to improve their own world or at the very least, lifts their spirits or even enjoys reading it, it’ll be worth my time writing it.

Right now, as I’m typing this, Book 1 of Blood and Metal is in the second draft, and the web site is in its ‘Soft Launch’ phase.  As I finish up the nooks and crannies of the code and graphics and have a book that’s more in a presentable light, I’ll be able to make regular posts here with the hopes that I can have my own little group in this thing much larger than myself, or any of us for that matter.

And if it earns me enough money so that I can pay my bills and not have to worry about finances anymore, more power to me.