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The Eric Krockett Che Shirt.

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

There’s a story behind my latest marketing ploy, which I’ve started over at CafePess.  You’ll find a bunch of T-shirts available with Eric’s face on it, posed to resemble the infamous Che T-Shirt.  You can tell the resemblance, especially when paired by the actual image:


It’s clearly a parody, of course.  Especially when you realize what those who read history books that were accurate for once knows who this guy is about:

That only brings one thing in my mind.  “Hmmmmm, exploitable.”  It came from the part of my mind that is like the Comedian from “Watchman,” who want to take the lunacy from the far left, especially from the statists and the hardened socialists, and counter then in the best offensive way I know how:  By making a parody and turning it into just a big joke.  (The best defensive measure, of course, is non-violent resistance a la Martin Luther King, which I might hint to later.)

It got me to thinking about Eric and what would happen to him along the BAM story.  Granted, his beliefs are like North and South to that of Che, and Eric would eschew revolution in favor of personal improvement and evolution, but the uniqueness of his beliefs and his acts of heroism will grant him a form of fan fallowing over at Maatla.  People might even walk the streets of Vintanos wearing T-Shirts with Eric’s face styled like Che.

That was the idea behind the T-shirt, which I made this week.  It’s available now at and is available at varying styles and sizes.  And proceeds of this shirt will go into the much needed support of the site and continuation of the Blood and Metal series.

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Book 1 through the Second Draft!

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

It took me forever, but I managed to get through the second draft of Book 1. Talk about your uphill battles. It would have taken less time but I had other things to do, such as a job hunt and editing another book. (which should take less time now that this big chore’s out of the way.

After a bit, I’ll be running it through a grammar checker and doing the needing polishing, but in the meantime, I’ll accept requests for people to join the inner circle to help me proofread the book and give me feedback. If you could be civil enough to show me where all the typos are at without going into histrionics, E-mail me at [email protected] and let me know you’re interested.