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The Eric Krockett Che Shirt.

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

There’s a story behind my latest marketing ploy, which I’ve started over at CafePess.  You’ll find a bunch of T-shirts available with Eric’s face on it, posed to resemble the infamous Che T-Shirt.  You can tell the resemblance, especially when paired by the actual image:


It’s clearly a parody, of course.  Especially when you realize what those who read history books that were accurate for once knows who this guy is about:

That only brings one thing in my mind.  “Hmmmmm, exploitable.”  It came from the part of my mind that is like the Comedian from “Watchman,” who want to take the lunacy from the far left, especially from the statists and the hardened socialists, and counter then in the best offensive way I know how:  By making a parody and turning it into just a big joke.  (The best defensive measure, of course, is non-violent resistance a la Martin Luther King, which I might hint to later.)

It got me to thinking about Eric and what would happen to him along the BAM story.  Granted, his beliefs are like North and South to that of Che, and Eric would eschew revolution in favor of personal improvement and evolution, but the uniqueness of his beliefs and his acts of heroism will grant him a form of fan fallowing over at Maatla.  People might even walk the streets of Vintanos wearing T-Shirts with Eric’s face styled like Che.

That was the idea behind the T-shirt, which I made this week.  It’s available now at and is available at varying styles and sizes.  And proceeds of this shirt will go into the much needed support of the site and continuation of the Blood and Metal series.

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The Furry Controversy continues

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Part of me is grateful that I was a country mile clear of this shitstorm.  Last week on Tyra Banks, there was an episode on sex practices, and among the various couples interviewed, there was . . . DUM DUM DUUUUUUUUUMMMMM . . . a Furry.

NOTE:  Video might not be safe for work.  Play it at your own risk.

As you may have guessed, that created a lot of flak on the tubes.  Some of whom might be strange to some who don’t know Furry Fandom.  Although since Blood and Metal takes place in a furry world, it would impact me and my work in some degree or another.  Hence I write about it here, as I did earlier with that lovely pic of Sally Acorn.

For those who don’t know Furry Fandom, there’s a Wikipedia article for it.  I suggest you use that rather than other sources.  Trust me on this.  Your virgin eyes will thank me.

I come from the line of “Furry Fandom doesn’t necessarily mean yiffing in costume, and it’s not a requirement.”  What Chewfox here shows is a stereotype that many people from distinct groups have to deal with, much like with racial, ethnic, and lifestyle areas.  And I’m not the only one who feels this way.  Here’s a DeviantART journal entry who got me aware of what went down in that show:  (Oh, side note.  I go into MST3K mode in the quote.  Hope the Deviant doesn’t mind)


Honestly, I think Tyra Banks is to blame mostly for the horrible antagonizing. Of course if she says something her crowd is going to follow her lead.

{which makes the audience more of an airhead than Tyra?  I kid, Tyra.}

What is a furry? Hmm… lets repeat what ChewFox had said in quote. "Furries are people who have an inner animal that they like to celebrate. We celebrate it through drawing ourselves and wearing costumes and other such things."

{Like yiffing in a fursuit, which was what the show degraded into.}

In my opinion that’s pretty damn close to what I think a Furry is, right?

Tyra goes on to ask if it’s like costumes at the amusement park, and if they get turned on by going to Disneyland and seeing Mickey and thinking erotic thoughts.  {Calm down, Tyra.  There’s plenty of Princes for you.}  Honestly… when you say it like that… anyone’s going to laugh and those not in the fandom will obviously think less of you. Even I laughed…  {Yeah, the thought of Tyra snorting Pixie Dust…}

…so what people seem to think that they did an absolutely horrible job at representing the furry fandom by appearing on a talk show; a very popular talk show, and talk about having sex in a suit is what Furries do.

{It’s a sex show, and there’s a Furry there.  Even a model can make the connection}

Idiots! Fucking idiots. Did you not hear her say numerous times that they celebrate and dance in fursuits? Did you choose to ignore the point she was driving that Furries were more than just sex? She said that ‘they’, as in the two on the talk show, have sex with the suits on. She never said that ALL Furries have sex with animal suits on.

{And even a model can understand the difference.  Kinda makes me worried about the normal internet user, no?}

Have a look at the prompt when they first start to talk about a Furries. I’m sure that Chew and Tom didn’t write that prompt.  {Oh, I think the font used was the clue.  Who’s handwriting looks like that?}

So, in my opinion it is Tyra that is at blame for poking fun at their pastimes by making, I will admit, witty commentary. If she had said nothing and let them explain I’m sure other people wouldn’t think so badly.

{That’s right folks, we are trained professionals, please do not try this at home.}

Now on to the fact that they were on a talk show that at the time was sectioned on sex. Yes, it was very bad timing, they shouldn’t have gone on on that segment, perhaps a different one.

And that’s what I had in mind myself.  I got onto the Tyra Show’s community and posted this little missive, making a distinction that was probably already made without my knowledge and added the desire to help out if they wanted to make such a episode where furries are better explained:

It’s come to my attention that in a recent episode of this show, a couple who had an interest in ‘Furries’ was involved. As you may have experienced here and elsewhere, there’s been quite an uproar from some groups, and misconceptions of what that term means.

My name’s David Foxfire, and I’ve been writing stories with some degree or another into this particular fan group, and if you don’t mind, I’d like to discuss with you about this group, and what it does imply, what it does not, and some of the great misconceptions involved. Heck, I’ll even go on Tyra’s show and explain matters in person.

For starters, Furries does not just include what that couple was doing. The group has a multitude of factions that run a wide spectrum which involve art, costuming, role playing, community, and many other areas that may or may not involve sex. It’s a very wide tent. You could have a liking for classic cartoons such as Mickey Mouse of Bugs Bunny, and still watch DVDs of their modern equivalent, go to amusement parks and hang around with the costumed characters, play Role Playing games where you RP as a werewolf, or even–what I am doing–write stories that involve anthropomorphic animal characters (You can find out about it at ) and be a part of this ‘Furry’ group and not even consider themselves as someone with an animal inside, have sex in a fursuit, or even worse.

And that’s the biggest misconception I’d want to dispel. The couple on Tyra’s show may be one of the more visual and ‘well known’ representations of Furry Fandom–not to mention other TV shows that addresses the topic, such as one infamous CSI Las Vegas episode–it is not indicative of every person who is in this group. It’s similar to other racial, ethnic, and lifestyle stereotypes that many people have to deal with regularly.

It is my hope that I–and many others in a similar mindset–can help anyone in this group or otherwise come to a better understanding of what being a furry–or at least a furry fan–is and hopefully move over what is really just another bothersome stereotype that gives people everywhere more problems than they should.

At this time there wasn’t much else going on; this is a thread in progress.  But I’ll keep everyone posted as they come on.

(Why do I see myself being assisted by fursuiting costumers—or Kigurumi players–whenever I get on Television. <shrugs>  Oh well.)

On the topic of ‘Anthro’ and ‘Furry’

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

As some of you have noticed, BAM is set in a fantasy world where almost all of the denizens can be described as cartoon animals.  Some would even consider it a ‘furry’ world and say it in a disparaging tone.  Personally, I prefer the term ‘Anthro’ which is more open minded and closer to where I want to get at.

The_difference_by_ChadtheCartoonNut I’m not the only one who believes this, Chad the Cartoon Nut had a similar quarrel over at his Deviant Art page when he posted this piece to the right.  Note the quality of his work, may I add.

Well, he got into a lot of grief from a source he didn’t expect, which he describes in a recent journal post.  It also explains his position between anthropomorphic characters and quote-unquote furries:

I draw the line in this manner:  Anthropomorphic characters, or ‘anthros’ for short, are characters that are, as one commenter describes, “more human then animal…but have tails, ears and fur”  They stand erect on bipedal legs, converse more or less like a human being but with some traits of the animal that they depict, and—since it has been mentioned in some readers heads by now—don’t consider sex to be a requisite, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t.  You’ve probably found a lot of examples in your childhood:  Classic Cartoons from the Disney and Warner heydays, a good smattering of Don Bluth and Amblin series, plenty of good shows on Cartoon Network and whatever Toon Disney is called now, and by far the best example I can come up with as well as the base inspiration of even the original version of Blood and Metal, ABC’s Sonic the Hedgehog Saturday Morning cartoon series (SatAM to the shows beloved watchers.  In fact, the figure in the picture is Sally Acorn, the inspiration of Sarah Knothole.  Most SatAM viewers can see the show’s influence in other characters as well.  And no, just because she’s only wearing boots doesn’t make mean she’s nekkid.)

Besides, don’t furry girls put out like succubi, and where he’s going the girls will actually be girls.

Contrast this with Furry, who are, in general, more animalistic than human in both looks and temperament, and are more stereotypically to be more apt to be sexually active, or faux-active more often than not, a concept known as ‘yiffing’ which is where the term “YIFF IN HELL FURFAG” comes from, but for the majority of the characters, the females are played by guys, which unfortunately degrades the whole concept of anything even remotely related to furry, such as ‘anthro’ to little more than a perverted kink.  Examples of this could include Watership Down, every other web cartoon out there, and in an somewhat related form, my own Scarlet PI project, which will be put into this years NaNoWriMo event.

Fortunately for those who have an open mind, there are exceptions to this rule, there are always exceptions.  There are a lot of cosplayers such as Rabbit In the Moon, who dress up as furry and anime character more like a personalized amusement park character, just for the joy of getting people to smile.  Scarlet is more like that, by the way.  And most people who make furry or anthro art won’t consider themselves furry in any stretch, such as Chad and myself (I consider myself a furry-friendly cartoonist).  Just like being in a garage doesn’t make you a car or being in a church doesn’t make you a Christian, watching an anthro cartoon or doing art of it—or making a story set in an anthro world—does not necessarily make you a stereotypical furry.

More discussions and answered questions on this will come later as they arrive. :)