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Even Barack agrees, it’s not about race

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

As I commented elsewhere, the word ‘Racist’ is being overused, and it’s becoming little more than just a slur that’s tosses around with all the other epithets that you’ll won’t see me use here.  You will see me use ‘Jackass’ a lot, though:


And even though we might be on differnet sides on topics like, say, Health Care, and the use of Czars (whom I don’t talk much about because their powers are limited when it comes to getting laws passed, and let’s face it, I don’t usually talk about things every other conservative blogger talks about.  I talk about Furries.  Does Shawn Hannity talk about furries?  No, he does not.  Because he can talk about the Czars til he’s blue in the face.  I’ll shut up now.) , we pretty much agree with what we’re actually pissing and moaning over, and contrary to what Jimmy “Waste of Skin” Carter says, it’s not about race:

“There’s been a long-standing debate in this country that is usually that much more fierce during times of transition, or when presidents are trying to bring about big changes…It’s an argument that’s gone on for the history of this republic, and that is, What’s the right role of government? How do we balance freedom with our need to look out for one another? … This is not a new argument, and it always evokes passions.”


Now we’re talking about one of the fundamental facets behind Blood and Metal; what kind of a role government should have.  Barack once commented that the Constitution didn’t account for economic and social justice, one of his pet topics.  I might agree with him on that, but I’ll add an important caveat:  That’s not the Constitution’s job.

Think of government like a car, with all the differing parts, each with their own individual role that, when combined, results in an operational vehicle.  The Constitution is the engine of the government, the way powers are created and distributed.  It can not do social topics, because it’s not designed to be.  That role belongs to another part, say, a certain act, or a department, that’s working alongside the normally operating government wither in co-operation, or even independent of the government, such as a charity.

I believe that there is a point in the power scale of governments that is at its peak capacity for it to run properly.  Not enough power, and you have impotence (Re:  Articles of Confederation).  Too much power, and you have incompetence, sluggish bureaucracy, and at some extremes, people like Chavez.  (And don’t think for a moment that there isn’t anyone in Congress today who would pull off something like what Chavez did.  Nanci Pilosi is a prime example.)  Finding that balance can be extremely tricky and–surprise!–it isn’t standard for every country.  (There’s a good chance that China’s optimal power level needs be higher up than America’s.  That’s something I can accept as long as they don’t drive a tank up my ass.)  And starting in Book 2 of BAM, which I’m starting to type the first draft, that’s something Eric will address as well.  He’s not going to go change the system to his liking right off the get go, even if Sarah does want to use some part of America’s system.  He’ll allow the people to haggle it out themselves, and you can bet things will get as spirited in Vintanos as it gets in Washington.

Just don’t expect people in Maatla to pull out the race card, though.  They might settle things in the Octagon, but they won’t get as ugly as thinking in only species vs species.  The divisions are different there.

President does right, Congress does butthurt

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Another week, another reason why I like Barack Obama in spite of politics.

So now you try to pull a race card
And it backfires in your face hard
’cause you know we don’t play that black and white shit
Plus this stylist that you fucked
When you was ecstasied up
Was just a man who’s dressed up as a white bitch

Enimem, Bully

Over the weekend, I heard the Pressie borrow a card from my deck. Those who still watch MTV although they no longer play music videos would have seen the outburst Kanye West made in the channel’s own awards show, as he took the mike away from Taylor Swift, one of the many awards winners, and claimed that he thought that Beyonce had a better video.

When the president heard about this, he called Kanye a “Jackass” right on camera. I’m sure that plenty of people will agree with him. Myself included. Heck, many African American artists in the past would have done the ‘Asshole’ chant along with Barack from beyond the grave.

Compare this to congress, who collectively dressed down Republican Rep. Joe Wilson for heckling the President during his joint house speech on health care. Nevermind that he has already apologized for this Turretian tick. Some members of congress, predictably Democrat of course, claim that the man was fundamentally racist for doing so, and feared that people would be marching around in white robes and hoods if they didn’t waste valuable congressional time, energy, and paperwork wagging their fingers at the man.

Come on, people. He said “You Lie.”

Not “Pool’s Closed.”


There’s many other groups here that claim that the Race Card is being misused to browbeat people and keep groups separated and resentful of each other. Not to mention one sided: That bus beatdown in Belleville not too long ago where a half dozen black kids put one white nerd in traction would have been a Hate Crime when it wasn’t on school grounds. Instead, they go into “Blame the geek” mode and remind him that it would be ‘wrong’ to return to class armed.  Then have a group fap to the Youtube video.  School faculty likes to do that.  There’s a reason some of them smell of oil and sweat and has a look that is fill of desire to rape cuties.

Me, I’m just reminded about a modification I made to a well-known Internet Law I made last year. Godwin’s Law dictates that, as a certain discussion progresses along time, regardless of what that discussion is about, that someone will call someone else a Nazi. I had to modify it with a different accusation: As any certain discussion progresses along time, regardless of what that discussion is about, someone will play the race card. Either way, the triggered effect is the same, all discussion stops, and the person making the accusation loses all debate.

99.995% of all people with liberal affiliations have lost all rights to have a debate long before we realized that Bush was more than just a brand of beer.  (Misspelled though it is, I know.)

It could be why they just moved to cramming bills they don’t care about reading down our throats.

Just sounds like a load of butthurt to me.

Obama does right again.

Monday, September 7th, 2009

This is why I didn’t worry about what the president would have said to American students.  There was a multitude of voices that claimed that he was going to go off on some indoctrination scheme.  I just poo-pooed the whole thing.  I know by now that he’s actually trying to do good, even though some of his policies are misguidedly left-leaning.  I assumed that Barack would just say an encouraging message to the students, to get them to stay in school and succeed in life.

And the president proved me right again:

Obama Speech To School Children: Be Like Founders of Google, Twitter and Facebook

Obama Tells Kids to Stay In School

The actual text of the speech, from the White House web site.

God, folks, stop being all parinoid.  Barack Obama might be a socialist, but he’s hardly the megalomaniac that some of you claim he is.  It’s almost as bad as what the left said about Bush.  Take your chill pills everyone.

Obama Bash FAIL!

Friday, August 28th, 2009

anti-obama lawn sign
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Ba Rock Facepalm!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

joe biden and barack obama
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Recap from last week.

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

I wanted to post up some of these articles last week, but I was indisposed.

Item:  Bill O’Riley gives the Pressie his props.

As you know, I’m not an Obama Basher.  Even though we might disagree on an occasional topic, I have nothing against him.  In fact, I hope he finds a way to meet with the public halfway and become a successful president.  I won’t join in on the Anti-Obama rhetoric—All Birthers, GTFO and take your FAIL with you—which is too prevalent in some parts of the recent protests.  You might even see Obama in BAM 01 wishing Eric well on his journey, you don’t know.

I’m not the only person who believe that way, none better than Bill O’Riley, Mr. Fox News himself, has given a pro-Obama piece in a recent issue of Parade.  You might have read it in the Sunday papers.


Here’s the article:

Granted, he’s gotten quite a bit of flack over those who see things way to politically, but Officer O’Riley’s very sincere about the piece.  Only one person in America can be the president at that time, and getting the office is no easy task.  And that’s when you actually want to be President; about 99.9999% of Americans will just go “FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!” if they were given the chance to do it.  Barack Obama had to overcome a lot of hurdles on his way to the oval office, and for actually getting to his goal, Bill, and most of the American Public, would admire him for doing so.

Item:  Werid things happen when you’re bored after school

I won’t make any comments about this.  I’ll just tap my forehead and give you the link:

Bored during his winter school break, Firas Alkhateeb, a senior history major at the University of Illinois, crafted the picture of Obama with the recognizable clown makeup using Adobe’s Photoshop software.

The things we do for Lulz, people.