For plenty of armchair politicians out there in recent weeks, the only shock they have to their systems is that they’re not really surprised at all this.

If you took a closer look at the Health Care debates and all those town halls of 2009, and the Tea Parties of 2010, you might have had some spirited debate, but at least it was intelligent as well.  The majority of them were ordinary people taking their time out of their busy day and voicing their very strong concerns.  Concerns that would have kept them up at night if they didn’t voice them.  The only areas where they’ve raised their voices is when they were pretty much ignored, or looked down on.  Nobody wants that, not even a teabagger.  I remember one time where a politician turned up his nose at someone telling him to his face that he has no time for some Dittohead with a talking point, and the person he just talked to countered with "Excuse me, I’m a democrat."  And note that he didn’t even use one cuss word.  I would have been at the fsker’s throat.

That’s why I’m a writer, staying in my apartment on the computer, and not one of the New Breed of Political Junkies.

If you’ve been to one of these Tea Party-style meetings with an open mind, you’ll find them pretty much following Ba Rock’s call for civility two years before he made that call.  I should know, I’ve been to one.  The crowd was very friendly, welcoming and amicable.  They greet you with a smile and shake your hand, and actually use well thought out explanations to their positions.  It was a lot more than just Ba Rock Bashing.  Or for that matter, Nanci Pilosi and Harry Reed bashing.  And after the event, they clean up after themselves, leaving the area as clean—or even better—than when they left it.  They respect the surrounding areas and at times even seek out their business.  It was a good thing.

Compare that to what we’re seeing now in Wisconsin.

This is not Spirited Debate in a Democracy.

This is 4chan.

I’m not going to make any more comments about it. I’ll just put up some Youtubes and let you see for yourself.

And for someting lighter to end it with, here’s our good friend, the new drug, Charlie Sheen,

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Does he appear tame compared to the SCIU trolls? You make the call.