If you were waiting for a deal to get my books, then here it comes: I’m making a CD-ROM to pass out my books (BAM 1 and 2, Murder in Main Street USA, and Vixen in the Box) to others while I’m there, and it will also be made available online for now until the AnimeSTL weekend. (April 15-17) Also, to sweeten the pot, I’m also including the Johnny Briz Pilot Script and previews of two more books that will be published later on in 2011: Command Unit Delta, and Scarlet PI’s Adventure Under the Rising Sun. It will all be contained in a CD-ROM which can easily be copied and shared.

The cost of this disk is $10US and the payment has to come through PayPal. (davidgonterman at foxfirestudios dot com) The money will do into the actual burning and shipping of the disk, with the rest helping to pay my way to my first convention, so if you buy a copy of two, I’ll gladly appreciate it.